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Water on Saturn's Moon
Saturn may be a gas, but its moon may be a bit more lively place as it appears that geysers are spewing liquid water on the moon, Enceladus. 
Furry Lobsters Found
Yes, it sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie, but scientists have found a new life form in our ocean depths, and it is fuzzy! Will this replace the ever cuddly fuzzy kitty? Not likely, but it is still fascinating stuff!
Intelligent Design Proposed for Nevada Schools
It is always appalling to me what religion will do for recognition of its unproven tenents, but now, it has come closer to home. Have we learned nothing from Dover? Will the spread of this ignorance also be its death knell? One can only hope.
Jurassic Beavers
I guess even dinosaurs needed dam engineers. 
Indian Children Sacrificed for the Goddess Kali
I have often been asked what I have against religion, and quite frankly, I have nothing against religion except that it is used to encourage and enforce horrible acts, such as sacrificing children. 


People Die Over a Cartoon in Libya
Another fine example of what is really wrong in the world, and yep, it's religion again. People should not die over a cartoon. Buildings should not be burnt for a cartoon. Unfortunately, too often people get so lost in fantasy that they lose sight of what is really important. 
Giant Penguin Remains Found in New Zealand
Yes, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water again, GIANORMOUS PENGUINS ATTACK!! Okay, not really, but boy would that make a great bad horror movie. 
Sex Week at Yale
Wow, if you never thought you had a reason to be a top student, well now you have it! Yale, what a place to go to school! Physics will never be quite the same again!
DNA Contradicts Mormon Doctrine of the Orgins of Native Americans
Does this surprise anyone, except Mormons? I mean really?  
Chocolate Covered Car On Display
This could be a skepchicks dream car! Of course, I wonder if it will melt in the mouth and not in the hand.  


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