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Low Self-Esteem
Ben Radford
Good self-esteem is something that everyone wants, most people have, and yet most people think that others lack . . . >>


Rebecca Watson

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What's the Deal with PMS?
David McGehee, Answer Guy
. . . he would likely have found that his 37 pieces of flair had suddenly been caused to migrate from his suspenders to his lower intestinal region . . . >>

Where are all the Skepchicks?
Michael McRae
We’ve all encountered the pop-psychology attitude that females are more creative while males are more logical, that ‘men are from Mars and women from Venus' . . . Just how realistic is this cliché? >>

Culture is Like Water
Darcie Hodgkins Langone
The United States in the twenty-first century is drowning in the sins of the past. Before you get agitated about a skeptic using such a religiously loaded term as sin, we must acknowledge that at times, religious discourse is the only language we have in which to discuss historical events that are beyond the pale of what we hope human behavior to be. >>

Do Nice Girls Finish Last?
Lynette Davidson
On the other hand, it can be unpleasant to try to tell people that this wonder herb is just another pretty flower; and maybe women are especially eager to avoid this sort of awkward scepticism. And maybe this makes me more vulnerable to quackery. >>

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